Customer Relationship Management

Bespoke CRM Solutions

The only way to ensure growth for your company, regardless of the industry you’re in, is to deliver a first-class customer experience. Studies have shown that clients who feel engaged on a personal level are more likely to complete their customer journey from initial inquiry to final sale. While much of that can be covered by a professional call-handling team, the follow-up is just as important. Each point of contact should build upon the last, rather than feeling like another call out of nowhere. Every member of your staff should know where your customer is in their journey and tailor their approach accordingly, shepherding them towards the next stage.

That’s where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help.

Here at Motor Marketing UK, we design and install bespoke CRM solutions for businesses across all industry sectors. Each package is tailored to mirror your clients’ journeys, generating the right correspondence (both emails and printed letters) and outbound call prompts to ensure a personalised experience that leads to optimal engagement. We work closely with you to determine your particular requirements so that we can ensure the system steers your customers in the right direction.

Tailored CRM Systems

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of bespoke CRM solutions and have much to offer our clients across all industry sectors. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, we produce CRM solutions that are as unique as your company. Each one is built from the ground up to mirror your existing practices, minimising any disruption to your team. These tailored solutions play to your strengths to improve productivity, customer service, and growth.

Automotive Sector

Good customer relations are at the heart of the automotive industry. You’re asking customers for a major investment, and you need them to trust you when doing so. Whether you’re involved in new and used car sales, or an auxiliary service such as leasing, finance, or insurance, a bespoke automotive CRM system can make all the difference.

Financial Sector

The financial sector has never been more competitive, which means the need for positive customer engagement has never been greater. With a bespoke CRM system from Motor Marketing UK, you can make any financial process—however daunting—appear straightforward, with key contact points automated and personalised to encourage engagement from your clients.

Public Sector

The public sector relies on trust and on fostering a good relationship with its stakeholders. This applies whether you’re in local or national government, part of the healthcare, education, and transportation sectors, or somewhere else. This is one instance where a bespoke CRM system is essential, since off-the-shelf software is generally geared towards sales and conversions, which are often not the concern of public sector bodies.

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