Video and Animation

The internet is a visual medium, and any digital marketing strategy should treat it as such. With improvements in streaming technology, there’s no reason not to have engaging videos about your products or services taking pride of place on your website or social media accounts. Like any new content, of course, you need to make sure it’s of the highest quality, or your brand’s reputation will suffer. Here at Motor Marketing UK, we’re not just experts in the automotive industry; we also produce exceptional visual content that’s ready for immediate use.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Video and animation clips on your website lead to improved engagement across all your online channels. Whether a customer is visiting your site, following you on social media, or has encountered your video on their own timeline, a well-constructed video will stop them in their tracks. At Motor Marketing UK, we develop and shoot original visual content designed to do just that.


Customers like the personal touch, and what better way to demonstrate that you’re a real company staffed by real people than to post a video of your team at work? We work closely with you to script and storyboard an engaging video that can involve all your staff if they’re comfortable being part of it. We shoot using a high-resolution camera and suitable lighting, with the raw footage being edited to produce an eye-catching final product.

Porsche Panamera Launch at Mayfair
Porsche Panamera Launch at Mayfair


Animation tends to be used for instructional videos, such as detailing a step-by-step process for existing or potential customers. Our animators work quickly and efficiently, using simple but recognisable cartoon graphics to create engaging and informative content for your site. We can also provide music, sound effects, and voiceover to really get the message across.


As well as having camera operators on the ground and animators beavering away in our office, we also have access to the latest drone technology. With the assistance of our trained and licenced drone pilots, we can take stunning aerial footage of your workplace or any projects you might be working on. These can be incorporated into your videos, giving them an impressive, cinematic feel.

Why Choose Motor Marketing UK?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us for your video and animation needs. Not only do we deliver a finished product of the highest quality, we possess insider knowledge that many other video and animation firms simply don’t. We have worked in and around the automotive sector for decades, so we understand the business and how best to explain it to your customers through a visual medium. We don’t use standard templates that look the same for every client. All our video and animation projects are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each individual customer. Whatever message you need to get across, we are here to help.

What Our Clients Say…

We work with automotive sector across the UK, creating high-quality video and animation content. To see what some of those clients think about our service, read the original testimonials below.

"Motor Marketing UK provides a friendly, easy-to-use service that has helped us to reconnect with our customer database."

Laura Jackman, Customer Relationship Manager, BMW

"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and your team for the recent exercise you carried out in contacting our lapsed Service customers."

Peter Wakefield, Head of Business, BMW & MINI

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