Website Design and Hosting

With so many online venues for your company to ply its trade, you might be wondering if you even need your own website. The answer to that is a simple one: yes, you do. Anyone searching online for your particular products or services is going to expect that your company has a proprietary site it can call its own. It’s the cornerstone of displaying a professional online presence, and if you’re in the automotive industry, there’s nobody better to build that site for you than Motor Marketing UK.

An Online Home for Your Business

We know that you need a website that performs as well as your team, drawing new and existing customers to your business by ranking highly on Google’s search engine results pages. With our decades of combined experience, we can create a tailored website that captures people's attention and engages their interest. Working hand-in-hand with your other digital marketing strategies can make a massive difference in how you are perceived by online visitors.

Website Design

The key to a successful website is exceptional website design, which is precisely what we offer. Our skilled team of artists, coders and content creators design engaging websites that reflect the values and DNA of your organisation. Our websites are designed from the ground up to draw attention and maximise conversion points for potential leads.

Website Hosting

Building a website is just part of the equation; you also need a place to host it. Here at Motor Marketing UK, we have our own private servers, giving our clients all the room they need for sustainable growth. Our servers are safe and secure, guaranteeing that your data (and that of your clients) remains protected.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to you does not end once your website goes live. As part of our hosting packages, we can provide you with new content that keeps your site fresh and actively listed on Google. We also perform regular updates to your site to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Additional Digital Services

Website design and hosting are just two of our key digital solutions. We also offer live chat applications for your site, a full social media management service, custom video and animation content, and more. Whatever your specific requirements might be, we can put together a bespoke package that covers them all.

Why Choose Motor Marketing UK?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us for your website design and hosting needs. Not only are we experts in web development, we also bring decades of industry experience to the table. We have the expertise to deliver a tailored website that targets your key audience. We work closely with you from your first contact, making sure that our design meets your particular business needs.

What Our Clients Say…

Over the years, we have designed and hosted websites for businesses across the automotive Industry. The following testimonials come directly from some of those clients, showing just what you can expect from our dedicated team of experts.

"Motor Marketing UK provides a friendly, easy-to-use service that has helped us to reconnect with our customer database."

Laura Jackman, Customer Relationship Manager, BMW

"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and your team for the recent exercise you carried out in contacting our lapsed Service customers."

Peter Wakefield, Head of Business, BMW & MINI

"Motor Marketing go above and beyond and form a critical part of our service team. They are great with our customers, answering all their questions and using all our systems as if they were based on site! With live access to our DMS they create bookings seamlessly and have all the latest information to hand. Weekly catch-up calls with Kirstin allow us to address any points and make changes when needed, no matter what someone is always available whether that be by email or phone. A great all round service solution!"

Sean Parker, Skoda

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