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Bespoke Financial CRM Systems

The finance sector is one of the most competitive industries in the UK. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important that you deliver great customer service. No matter what your particular business might be—whether bank accounts and credit cards, mortgages and secured loans, insurance, accounting, or investments—customer engagement is the key to customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, you need a reliable and functional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Hand-tailored to meet the unique needs of you and your clients, this specialist software streamlines the customer experience, making it more personal from their perspective and easier to guide from yours. The right CRM package leads to greater engagement that, in turn, produces more leads and conversions.

Benefits of a Bespoke Financial CRM System

Here at Motor Marketing UK, we are experts in producing CRM packages that are unique to you and your customers’ needs. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions that fit all circumstances. These are a few of the benefits you can expect from such a system:

Enhanced User Experience

In many ways, the entire purpose of CRM is to deliver the optimal user experience for your clients. The system is collecting and processing key data points from the customer’s first point of contact, personalising their journey from start to finish. This means that all letters and emails are relevant to the client’s current position. All outbound call prompts will tell your staff exactly what they need from their customers and how to guide them towards the next stage of engagement. This makes each client journey different from the last, ensuring each customer feels unique and valued in their interactions with your company.

Boost your Productivity

Another key benefit of bespoke CRM software is that it streamlines so much of your day-to-day admin tasks, freeing up staff for more important work. Information collected earlier in the client journey will pre-populate data fields in the system, trigger automatic emails and print letters later down the line, and even arrange call-backs and chasers for your contact centre staff. This ensures that all areas of the business are fully integrated and working from the same timetable and datasets, reducing the risk of double-handling.

Business Intelligence with Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Our CRM systems update and report in real time, so no more waiting for your network to refresh overnight. Reports and analyses can be generated with just a few clicks, allowing you to see a broad overview of your client base or deep-dive into the user experience of a single customer.

Tailored to Meet Your Business Goals

You offer your customers a unique experience, so shouldn’t your CRM software replicate that? With our long experience in the industry, we know how to design bespoke financial CRM packages that mirror the way you work. We work closely with you to create a tailored solution that reflects the needs and values of your business.

Leading Service and Support

Our commitment to you does not end once our systems have been installed. We offer a complete package of support services, from initial training, to system development, including a dedicated tech team ready to answer all of your CRM queries.

Case Studies

Over the years we have been in business, Motor Marketing UK has partnered with many businesses in the financial sector. We have built, developed, and maintained bespoke financial CRM packages for companies working across the industry. Click on the link below to see how our work has benefited these companies and their performance.

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We understand if this all sounds too good to be true, and we invite you to see one of our CRM systems in action. With one quick phone call, we can arrange a free demonstration of a typical CRM package that highlights its particular benefits for the financial industry.

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