Using Multi-Channel Comms in a Call Centre

Back in the day, the only real way for customers to get in touch with a company was over the phone, by letter, or by fax. In today’s fast-paced world, there are so many more channels for communication, and it’s important that your business takes full advantage of them.

In this article, we’re going to look at the advantages of multi-channel communications and how the right call centre solution can maximise their potential for your company.

What are multichannel comms?

Think about all the ways a customer can potentially get in touch with you and ask yourself whether you have made provision for them to do so. These are some of the most common communication options available today:

phone call

text message


online contact form

social media

on-site chat application

Why is it important to offer multichannel comms?

Every avenue for communication that you keep open for your clients is another source of potential leads. Some customers aren’t comfortable initiating communication by phone, preferring to do so in an online chat; others favour sending a direct message through their favourite social media platform; still others like to make contact through email to ensure they have an electronic paper trail of all their communications.

If you ensure that your business can be reached in a multitude of ways, it means that every customer's preferences are met. It also means that clients can get in touch with you through various means throughout the life of their customer journey. Their initial contact might be by phone or email, but they might need to send a quick follow-up by text or through a WhatsApp message. This allows for faster resolution of any issues and results in quicker completion times.

Collating multichannel comms for your call centre

Of course, with all these disparate methods of communication, it can be easy for some messages to get lost in the mix. If contact centre staff need to provide an update to a customer, it is time-consuming to expect them to check the company inbox for your various social media accounts, your corporate email, and so on, for messages from the client in question.

The solution is a call centre app that brings together all those communication strands, keeping each client's communications in one handy place. Every text message, phone call, email, and direct message is logged and time-stamped in a single chronological narrative, so you can follow your client’s journey from the very start. Call centre workers can know instantly what the current state of play is for the customer and what their expectations are. What’s more, your outgoing communications can be incorporated into the story, ensuring every member of your team has the information they need to progress a customer’s case.

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