The Ultimate Guide to Automotive CRM

Customer Relationship Management systems (or CRMs, as they are usually called) are an essential tool for any client-facing business, and those in the automotive industry are no different. They combine customer service solutions, sales data, and marketing tools into a single, easy-to-navigate package. But why is it so important, and what does such a system actually do?

As one of the UK’s leading providers of bespoke CRM packages for the automotive sector, we know a thing or two about how these systems work. In this article, we look to answer both of those questions for you.

What is an automotive CRM?

As mentioned above, an automotive CRM is a sales, marketing, and customer service software package specially developed for companies within the automotive industry. It is often integrated with your existing software platforms, from which it can collect data relating to your customers’ sales journeys. This integration removes the need for double-handling of data.

What does an automotive CRM do?

The purpose of any CRM is to streamline the customer journey, making it more personal for the customer and more efficient for the company. It does this by providing the following key services:

Lead Management: your CRM will let you track sales leads wherever they originate, whether as the result of an online enquiry, an inbound phone call, a B2B referral, a personal recommendation, or a client walking in off the street.

Lead Nurturing and Generation: your CRM can automatically generate responses to these incoming leads based on the captured contact data. This ensures you are the first to respond to a query, generating a positive first impression of your company.

Improved Communication: not only will your CRM allow you to keep track of all customer touchpoints, you can also create personalised and automated communications to your clients at key stages of their sales journey.

Transparency and Reporting: your CRM allows you to focus on each individual customer journey at a minute level, following how the deal has developed and which of your staff have helped nurture the lead. It also allows you to pull back and view your client base as a whole to identify patterns that might be affected by particular marketing channels.

Why does your company need an automotive CRM?

If your company is a smaller one in the industry, you might be wondering why you need an intelligent piece of kit like an automotive CRM. After all, you’ve gotten this far by keeping track of your leads and customers manually or on a static sales database or tracker spreadsheet. The fact is, if you want your business to thrive and be the powerhouse you always suspected it could be, you need a reliable CRM system tailored to mirror your standard client journey.

These are just a few of the benefits a bespoke automotive CRM can bring to your business:

  • organise your leads and contacts
  • act fast on new leads
  • organise and monitor your sales team
  • automate, streamline, and personalise communications with customers
  • maintain compliance
  • pre-approve customers for credit and financing options
  • optimise your marketing spend based on lead intake channels
  • monitor your after-sales care
  • identify KPIs for your staff

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