Motivating and Retaining Your Call Centre Team

Call centre staff are highly trained and experienced professionals who add immense value to your company. In a previous article, we discussed the various metrics by which you can judge a contact centre agent’s performance, and each of them is beneficial to your bottom line. Your call centre crew is essential to the successful running of your business, particularly as it pertains to customer satisfaction and client retention. With all that being said, shouldn’t you put as much effort into making sure your call centre staff are equally satisfied and keen to remain part of your team?

In this article, we’re going to look at some simple methods you can employ to motivate your contact centre and improve retention across the team.

How to Motivate Your Call Centre Staff

Give Them the tools, and They Will Do the Job

Make sure your call centre staff has the right tools and equipment to perform their job efficiently and comfortably. Invest in fast, reliable computers, wireless headsets, high-end computers, ergonomic office furniture, and so on. Ask yourself what you would need to perform the same role, and make sure your staff gets it too.

Rewards and Incentives

Too many employers feel that performing at a high level should be automatically expected of their staff and that hard work itself is its own reward. In reality, most staff want to come into work, get the job done, and go home. If you want high performance you need to reward it when you see it. This motivates on two levels: staff like to have something to shoot for, and they also like to feel that their extra efforts are appreciated.

Be a Nice Place to Work

We know your call centre agents are there to do a job, but that doesn’t mean they have to be miserable while they do it! The physical workplace can have a massive impact on staff satisfaction, and even the smallest things like a clean working environment, a lounge or break-out area, office plants, and plenty of natural light can make a world of difference.

How to Retain Call Centre Staff

Opportunities For Growth

Many employees who leave your call centre don’t do so because they don’t like the work. They leave because they feel they have more to offer the company. If you’ve got a contact centre agent who is great at their job, why not give them the opportunity to train new entrants, mentor their teammates, or even run their own team? Not only will you keep a reliable member of staff, but they will also instill those values in others on the team.

Train for Success

Making sure your call centre staff have the right training is a great way to improve retention. Not only does it equip them with the right mindset and skills to perform their job to a high standard, but it also lets them know that they are valued. Why else would your company invest so much time and money into its development? Choosing a respected and experienced training company will make your staff more fulfilled at work and less likely to quit.

Find Out What You’re Doing Wrong

If you’re experiencing high turnover, it’s likely that the problem lies with your company culture, rather than with the dozens or more employees that are leaving. While you may not be able to convince them to stay, be sure to hold an exit interview with each of them to find out why they are leaving. Soon-to-be-former employees don’t tend to hold back in such interviews, so you’re likely to get honest answers about why they no longer want the role. While this feedback might hurt, it will prove invaluable for improving retention.

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