Is Call Centre Automation a Good Thing?

Automation of day-to-day tasks in the workplace is a major talking point across several industries. As artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more sophisticated and commonplace, many sectors are looking at ways to incorporate the technology into their existing work methods, but is it always the right thing to do?

In this article, we’re going to focus on automation in the contact centre and how it can impact performance, staff morale, and, most importantly, the client experience.

The Human Touch

Let’s be quite clear: the likelihood of AI technology replacing human call centre operatives is slim-to-none. Whether we’re talking smart chatbots, voice recognition and analysis software, or any other breakthrough in artificial intelligence, the technology as it stands today cannot handle the intricacies of real-life communication. While AI can identify words and their meanings, it can’t always recognise context, which is a key component of communication.

Perhaps more importantly, customers prefer to speak to a human being rather than a chatbot or automated telephone system. Most people are pretty good at spotting when they’re talking with an AI program, too. Recent studies show that most are able to tell the difference between a computer and a genuine call centre operator. They are also likely to register their dissatisfaction with having to deal with an AI entity, whether in the form of a complaint or by choosing another company to do business with. Whatever the reason, this can be harmful to your brand.

So how can AI technology and automation help your business and your call centre staff? These are just some of the more popular ways, none of which will negatively affect your customers journey with your company.

Improve data capture

AI voice automation and chatbots are able to capture important data from your customers that might otherwise be missed by a human operative. Ambitious technology such as sentiment analysis can even spot if a customer is angry or dissatisfied and tailor the call or chat accordingly. While this may not be a suitable alternative to a human contact centre agent, it can operate alongside your call centre staff to cover all your bases.

Manage your data

The average contact centre collects vast amounts of data every day, and AI technology can help you manage and utilise that information more effectively. It can make sure that the right marketing material is sent to the right customers, that follow-up calls are scheduled appropriately, and that each department has the information they need to deal with each customer on a personal level. It removes the need for clients to have to repeat their information when they call in, making your firm more trustworthy in their eyes.

Streamline the
customer journey

We've acknowledged that customers prefer speaking to real people, but AI can assist in this process. Automated telephony systems can understand keywords, enabling clients to request the desired department for an automatic transfer. This beats listening to recorded messages and pressing keys, making for a smoother experience as customers can simply ask for "customer service" or "sales," among other needs.

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