Improving Customer Retention with the Right Contact Centre

Whatever line of business you’re in, retaining your existing customers is key to your success. While it’s always important to grow your brand with new client acquisitions, customer retention forms a critical foundation for that strategy.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at why retention marketing is such an important tool and how you can improve its success with the right contact centre solution from Motor Marketing UK.

Customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition

Repeat customers have a higher conversion rate than new clients, being nine times more likely to complete a sale. The amount you spend on advertising—whether online, in print media, or in broadcast ads—targeted at potential customers results in a fraction of the conversions you could be getting from follow-up calls to your existing client base.

Existing customers already know your product

The client journey can be a long and arduous one, particularly for financial services, automotive solutions, and other key investments. There are a lot of options to choose from, and it can take weeks or months to get them from consideration to completion. This is not the case with your former and existing customers. They already know you and your product, and, assuming you’ve done your job properly, they already know that they can trust you.

Repeat customers are more loyal

That client journey is another reason retention marketing is so successful. Nobody wants to go through that again for the same kind of product or service unless they absolutely have to. If a client is satisfied with your service the first time, it doesn’t take much to convince them to come to you the next time they are in the market for your product.

Repeat customers become brand advocates

If you love a product or service, it’s only natural to tell others. You want them to know how lucky you were to find it and how canny you were to snap it up at the first opportunity. Your satisfied customers are like that with their friends and family members. With the right retention marketing strategy, even if they don’t need your service right now, they’ll be eager to recommend you to others.

How the Right Contact Centre Solution Can Improve Customer Retention

A key part of the customer experience is making the customer feel like they matter and are not just names and numbers on a page. Trained call centre personnel are already adept at this technique and are prepared to really listen to the customers and identify their wants and needs. They know how to speak the customer’s language, adapting their approach to meet the unique requirements of each client. Not only can they spot when a customer is unhappy and might be about to take their business elsewhere, they know what to say (and how to say it) to convince them otherwise.

The right contact centre staff know how to offer attractive and practical solutions to your customers, based on your initial guidelines. They know to follow up with clients to make sure everything is to their satisfaction and to acknowledge major milestones in the client journey to let customers know that they are valued. All of this can vastly improve customer retention with no extra effort on your part. All you need to do is choose a contact centre solution that can boast this level of customer care and focus on retention marketing.

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