How Accurate Contact Centre MI
Can Help Your Business

Management Information (or MI) is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. If you want to grow as a business, you need to be able to mitigate risks by basing corporate decisions on accurate and identifiable data, which is why MI is so useful.

What is MI?

As the name implies, Management Information is the various strings of data and information from your day-to-day operations that help you manage your company. MI can be collated from a wide variety of sources, including your staff, your existing computer systems, your customers, and more. In short, MI encompasses every bit of data relating to your business that is generated in the course of a day.

Why Is MI so important?

The value of Management Information lies not so much in the data, but in how it is applied. The information can be used to justify a particular business strategy, focusing on specific areas of performance before deciding whether to accept or reject a proposal. Alternatively, you can use the broader data to get a more generalised overview of your company’s performance and allow those insights to guide you in the right direction.

What Management Information does a call centre provide?

Your contact centre is only one part of your business. Whether you have an in-house team or delegate the role to a third-party company, contact centres collect a whole host of valuable data that can be put to effective use. Using a combination of automatic data recording, manual checking of calls, and staff feedback, you can determine everything from average call times and percentage of missed calls to customer satisfaction, percentage of queries resolved on the first call, and so much more.

How does effective Management Information help?

With accurate data from your contact centre, you have valuable insights to help you steer your company forward. If calls are being missed, perhaps you need to increase the number of call centre staff or change their working patterns to accommodate your customers. If clients are abandoning calls or the average call time is too lengthy, maybe additional training or guidance is in order.

Of course, it’s not just the call centre staff that this information relates to. Complaints or queries about your product or service can also be logged and categorised by your contact centre operatives, helping you improve or develop them. An outbound call campaign to existing customers can reveal interesting feedback and significant amounts of data that can be fed back to you as part of the Management Information process.

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