Does the Customer Journey Really Matter?

Much is made of the customer journey, particularly as it pertains to digital marketing campaigns. You will find advertising agencies, website developers, and other industry insiders waxing lyrical about the importance of mapping the customer journey, but does it really matter?

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the key reasons why the customer journey is as important today as it ever was.

What is the customer journey?

Simply put, the customer journey is the steps a customer takes from exhibiting an initial expression of interest in your product or service to finalising a sale. There are several stops along the way. These include the customer in question becoming aware of your brand, conducting their own market research, comparing your product with those of your competitors, asking questions, tailoring the service, negotiating prices, and so on.

Not every customer journey includes every single step, but each step brings them closer to the desired outcome—that of completing a sale.

Why is the customer journey so important?

If you conduct your business online, the customer journey can provide you with a variety of important insights. With the right software in place, every interaction a customer has with you is logged for future reference. This allows us to see the ebb and flow of customer interest and engagement throughout their journey.

If your customers are only making it so far along the process but are then failing to complete the transaction, it can highlight problems with anything from your marketing strategy to your presentation and many other things besides.

Pinpoint bottlenecks in the customer journey

Should you wish to, you can track every step that a potential customer takes from the point that they learn about your brand. You can see what Google search led them to your site, how long they hung around to inspect your products or services, and where they went afterwards. By tracking their behaviour on your site, you can see how close they got to a final sale before changing their mind.

This helps you identify the point at which you are losing your leads. What is holding their attention for so long, only for them to forgo making a purchase? If most client journeys stop at the same point, you can work out an effective strategy to circumvent it in the future. If customers are ending their journey early at a variety of different moments, there may be larger concerns with your website and its presentation.

Understand Your Customer

By mapping the customer journey, you also get a better perspective on who your audience actually is. You can see who among your clients performs diligent research, who is more likely to make an impulse purchase, who comes from an eye-catching Facebook ad, who visits after reading an article on the subject, and so on. This helps you adapt your marketing campaign for future customers, making the most of your reach.

Follow the Lead

By following your customers on their journey, you can get a better idea of which marketing strategies are working better for you.

Do most of your leads come from online advertising?

If so, which platforms are proving most successful for you?

Don’t just look at the number of referrals; the number of conversions is also telling.

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