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Call Handling and Contact Centre Services for the Public Sector

Public engagement is a key component of the public sector. People need to be able to make contact with various government departments and organisations at both a local and national level. While the civil service is one of the largest employers in the country, even they cannot handle the influx of phone calls that come on a day-to-day basis from stakeholders across the country.

We know that resources are strained at the departmental level and that experienced civil servants and administrative staff are better suited to clearing their caseloads than fielding telephone calls.

That’s where Motor Marketing UK can help.

What Motor Marketing UK can do for you

As one of the UK’s leading providers of outsourced call handling solutions, we offer a full package of contact centre services carefully adapted for the public sector. This is what you can expect from us:

Friendly and experienced call centre staff

We choose our call handlers carefully, selecting them from a large group of candidates based on their aptitude for the role. Each has a strong background in customer service and experience in a call handler position. They are polite and engaging at all times and deliver a great impression of your department with each inbound and outbound call.

Public sector specific call handling solutions

The public sector is unique among our clients, as their call centre requirements normally don’t involve converting leads or closing sales. More often, our role is to gather information from stakeholders that will be processed by your Administrative Officers. Where new information is being cascaded to the public, we also take on an advisory role, dispensing key information to those people calling in. As experienced call centre staff, we can adapt our approach to meet the unique requirements of the public sector.

Improved customer service

In the public sector, stakeholder engagement is key. Being held in long phone queues and not having their queries answered in a timely manner leads to dissatisfaction with your department, an increase in complaints, and worse relationships between you and the general public. With a call-handling package from Motor Marketing UK, you can be sure that all phone calls will be answered promptly and politely, and all inquiries will be handled professionally.

Improve productivity

Whether you work in local or national government, your team faces many challenges throughout the working day. Their experience is an invaluable asset and is best deployed on the front line, dealing with existing caseloads and decision-making. Information gathering and advisory phone calls can be safely left in the hands of our own team of specialists. This leaves your staff free to do what they do best.

Follow-up and aftercare

Regular performance reviews are a key part of any public sector organisation. At Motor Marketing UK, we can provide outbound customer satisfaction calls to your stakeholders to confirm that they received the level of service they expected from your department. As a third-party provider, we can be truly independent when collating our findings, helping you identify future training requirements at both a personal and departmental level.

Contact centre services tailored for you

At Motor Marketing UK, we know how important it is for public confidence for departments in the public sector to collect and distribute accurate information. Each of our call handling packages is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your department or any specific campaign you might be running. We work closely with you from the outset to ensure our team has all the information needed to deliver a first-rate service at their disposal.

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