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Call Handling and Contact Centre Services for the Financial Services Industry

With the economic climate in a state of constant flux, the financial services sector has never been so competitive. From bank accounts and building society accounts, through to credit cards and personal loans, to mortgages, secured loans, accounting, and investments, there are more and more companies trying to stake a claim in the market. Consumers have such a variety of financial solutions to choose from that you cannot afford to miss a potential lead or sales opportunity.

With most financial services enquiries coming from inbound calls, you need to ensure that every attempt at contact is caught and handled with due care and attention.

That’s where Motor Marketing UK can help.

What Motor Marketing UK can do for you

We are one of the leading providers of outsourced call handling solutions in the UK. We work closely with our valued partners in the financial services sector, putting together a hand-tailored package of contact centre services to meet the unique needs of their business. This is what you can expect from us:

Friendly and experienced call centre staff

Unlike some inbound call centres, our handlers are made up of experienced customer service professionals. Hand-picked for the role, they are representatives of your company, providing a great first impression on each call. Each member of our team is friendly and polite, and we are thoroughly committed to delivering impeccable customer service.

Sector specific call handling solutions

Every call centre package from Motor Marketing UK is carefully tailored to meet the needs of our clients. The financial services sector covers a lot of ground, and we do all we can to match our call handlers with your specific requirements. Whether you’re in personal or business finance, banking or investments, accounting, or any other financial service, we create the perfect response team for all inbound queries.

Capture opportunities and leads

Whenever your sales team is occupied with conversions, you run the risk of missing further incoming leads. Every inbound call that goes unanswered is a potential client that might never phone back. As professional call handlers, our entire remit is to ensure that you never miss out on a sales opportunity again.

Not only does our team answer client queries on your behalf, they will also guide them towards your preferred outcome. Whether that’s arranging a call back or a video meeting with your sales staff, taking an agreement in principle, or even making a direct sale, it will be down to you and your preference. Our team can be trained in the specifics before our contract begins.

Improved customer service

As anyone in the financial sector knows, a reputation for great customer service is the key to success. At Motor Marketing UK, our call handlers bring decades of combined experience to the job. This ensures that each inbound client receives unbeatable customer service every time they call.

Improve productivity

Converting and generating leads are two very different skill sets. Your sales team already excels at the former, so why not let our experienced call handlers deal with the latter? With a dedicated contact centre package, positive leads are filtered out of the mass of inbound enquiries before being passed onto your sales experts. This leaves them free to concentrate on conversions and sales.

Follow-up and aftercare

While you already keep records of your sales teams’ performance, conversion rates and sales only tell part of the story. To find out which of your sales staff rates well with your customers, we provide an outbound customer satisfaction call service. This provides a valuable opportunity for development as we are able to assess how any sales call went from your clients’ perspectives.

Contact centre services tailored for you

At Motor Marketing UK, we don’t believe in off-the-shelf call handling packages. We craft contact centre solutions that are as unique as the companies we work with. From your initial consultation, we are working hard to create a practical solution that works with your business model. We ensure that our staff takes every opportunity to improve customer service and increase sales opportunities on your behalf.

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