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Call Handling and Contact Centre Services for the Automotive Industry

The automotive sector has always been a competitive industry and that has only increased as customers are presented with a greater choice of options for their automotive needs. Whether you’re selling vehicles, car insurance, rental packages, or a range of related services, you will always have competition looking over your shoulder, ready to snap up a missed call or sales opportunity.

With all that at stake, it’s never been more important to cover all your incoming calls to make sure each and every enquiry is handled promptly and professionally.

That’s where Motor Marketing UK can help.

What Motor Marketing UK can do for you

As one of the UK’s leading providers of outsourced call handling solutions, we offer a full package of contact centre services for our partners in the automotive industry. These are just a few of the things you can expect from us:

Friendly and experienced call centre staff

Our call handlers are hand-picked for their experience and aptitude for the role. Every member of our team is friendly and professional, delivering incredible customer service to each of your clients. They provide an excellent first impression of your company on every call.

Sector specific call handling solutions

At Motor Marketing UK, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all call handling solutions. All of our call centre packages are tailored to meet your specific industry sector. Whether you’re selling vehicles, renting, insurance, or any other automotive service, we will put together a call handling package that works for you and your customers.

Capture opportunities and leads

You don’t have the resources to capture every incoming sales opportunity. Every time you and your team are out in the field with a client, you risk missing a call from a prospective new client. If that call goes unanswered, they will likely take their business elsewhere. With our bespoke call handling service, every inbound enquiry gets answered by a customer service professional.

Our team will answer queries and guide your clients towards a preferred outcome. This could be a meeting with your sales team, a call back or video conference, or even a direct sale. It all depends on your business model and personal preference.

Improved customer service

In the automotive business, a reputation for great customer service is an essential ingredient for success. At Motor Marketing UK, our team is made up of call handlers and customer service professionals with decades of experience between them. We ensure that every lead and client has a positive customer service experience on every call.

Improve productivity

You’ve hired your sales team because they are the best at what they do. Why waste their talents on inbound calls when they could be better served in the field? With a contact centre package from Motor Marketing UK, we can filter out positive leads and serious enquiries for your team, leaving them free to make more conversions and sales.

Follow-up and aftercare

Do you want to know who among your sales team is performing best with your customers? We provide outbound customer satisfaction calls to your clients, where we can find out how the sales pitch went from their perspective. This can assist you by identifying any training needs for your team.

Contact centre services tailored for you

At Motor Marketing UK, we know that no two automotive businesses are alike, and neither are our call handling solutions. Each contact centre package is carefully tailored to meet the unique needs of you and your company. We work closely with you to ensure that all bases are covered and that every opportunity to increase sales opportunities and improve customer satisfaction is taken by our staff.

Get in touch

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