5 Tips To Scale Your Customer Support

As your business grows, you will find yourself spending more time dealing with customer concerns and feedback. This is both a good and a bad thing. The fact that your customers are engaged with your product or service is excellent news. However, if you want to keep them happy, you will need to invest in customer support services.

Striking the right balance between satisfying your existing customer base while also attracting new business to your company can be difficult. In this article, we’re going to take a look at five ways to scale your customer support.

Put Together an Effective Customer Support Strategy

Just as you wouldn’t start a journey without planning the route, you can’t expect to deliver exceptional customer support without an appropriate strategy. It needn't be anything too complicated. You can start with a simple document that details your company's vision and customer service goals. From there, you can plot the specific route you need to take to achieve success and the tools you need to complete it.

Help Your Customers Help Themselves

One of the most effective ways to scale your customer support is by giving your clients the opportunity to solve their issues by themselves. Most businesses recognise this and include FAQs or knowledge banks on their website that cover the most common troubleshooting issues, but there is always more you can do. Provide a variety of tools for your customers, such as video tutorials, AI chatbots that are available 24/7, and automated customer portals where they can monitor and maintain their account.

High Quality Data Is Your Friend

Most companies start by collecting basic customer support data, such as contact volumes and service levels, but there is so much more information you can take advantage of. Key metrics like Contacts Per Case (CPC) and First Contact Resolution (FCR) provide vital data that can help you steer your customer support model. By integrating your customer support system with data from other areas of your business, you can discover valuable insights that help you identify and rectify potential issues earlier than ever before.

Introduce New Support Channels

The more ways your customers have to get in touch, the easier it is to keep them satisfied. That’s assuming, of course, that you have the infrastructure in place to ensure all those support channels are monitored and responded to. Choosing the best channels for your business depends on the demographics of your client base. If you cater to a younger user base, you will want to invest in social media, instant messaging, and other forms of online contact. If your customers skew older, you may wish to use more traditional methods, like phone and email.

Get the Right Team for the Job

While some of the tips in this article will help to streamline your customer support services, as your enterprise grows, so will the need for a dedicated support team to handle the influx of feedback, queries, and complaints. Generally, this boils down to two options: either build and expand an in-house customer support centre or outsource these responsibilities to an experienced and dedicated third-party provider. Both approaches have their benefits and drawbacks, but choosing the right solution for your particular business can make all the difference.

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