3 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A Customer Success Organisation

Creating a customer success organisation is key to sustaining your company’s growth. Client satisfaction leads to a better reputation, increased customer loyalty, and greater opportunities for upselling products and services. What’s more, happy customers ensure a more pleasant work environment for your team, lowering staff turnover and improving morale. All these factors can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Like any enterprise, there are obstacles in your way. In this article, we’re going to look at three of the most common mistakes businesses make when creating a customer success organisation and how best to avoid them:

Customer Hand-off is All Important

Your business will have different teams, each tasked with their own specific duties to complete the client journey from initial contact through conversion to customer management. Having the right hand-off procedures in place is essential to fostering customer satisfaction throughout their time with your company. A well-planned knowledge transfer process between your sales team and your customer success staff ensures that your client’s objectives and milestones are properly documented. This means their continued satisfaction can be assured moving forward.

Measure Customer Satisfaction with More Than Just Feedback

Direct feedback from your clients does, of course, provide valuable insight into your customer service processes. Listening and responding to what your customers are telling you is a great way to build a customer success organisation. However, direct feedback is only a small part of the story; customers often tell you more by their actions than by their words. Not everybody bothers to fill in satisfaction surveys or questionnaires, nor do they feel the need to send an email or leave a comment on social media. You need to look for implicit feedback. This includes customer turnover, product use, brand engagement, upselling levels, and more.

The Right Tools for the Job

Back in the day, all a company needed to be a customer success organisation was a client’s telephone number, email address, and positive attitude. Today, there are so many sales channels and methods of engagement needed to properly map your customers’ journeys and steer them in the right direction. If you want to maximise your existing client base to ensure more renewals and premium subscriptions, you will need to capture and identify the right client data points—those that will provide the necessary insight that allows you to deliver a successful customer experience.

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